November 15, 2012

our new bathroom!

I did it!  I, or should I say we, as in my mom, grandma and myself (with a little help from wyatt) gave my bathroom a much needed facelift!!  I mentioned my inspiration photos here.  I am so excited about it because I really...I mean REALLY love it!  I still want to add a few things (new bath mat, more art, etc) but I could not wait to take photos of the after and share.  The after photos aren't perfect as I did them with my cell phone because my camera had no battery and I was too excited to wait...I probably should have waited...oh well...Here are it is, before and after....

August 20, 2012

accessorizing the bathroom

My bathroom is finished!! But before I post some after pics I wanted to share some items I used to furnish the bathroom.  All we really did was paint but I did buy a few things to update the room a bit.

products found here > mirror (i got the bigger one), hooks (i already had), 

and here are the paint colors I used!

Martha Stewart - Milk Pail in satin

Dulux - Tiger Lily

August 16, 2012

diy jewelry holder

I finally finished my diy jewelry holder!  Well, I finished it a few weeks ago but am just getting around to taking a final photo and writing about it.  In this post  I spotlighted a few diy projects I'd pinned on pinterest and I am proud to say I've started 2 and finished 1!  I have a lovely (old) jewelry box that I got at anthropologie a long time ago but it is really hard to see your jewelry in a jewelry box, especially if you have lots of small, dainty things like I do.  I'm not really a jewelry hoarder so I didn't need that much space but I would love to make another one of these (maybe a different color) for future jewelry.  Here's what I did...

1.  I got a frame at Michael's and some cup hooks from the hardware store.  I already had some spray paint left over from this project and I found some wire in our tool bag.

2. I'm not sure why I taped it off at first, I didn't need to.  I just spray painted the blue, taped it off when it was really dry and then spray painted the grey.

3. It ended up looking like this!

4.  Then it was time to screw in the cup hooks.  I did them about an inch apart because my jewelry is all really small.

5.  I put two hooks a little lower and coiled some wire around it to hold my earrings.  The final project looks like this.....

and I really, really love it!

August 1, 2012

bathroom inspiration

I want to do a simple, affordable update to our bathroom and that usually means a good coat of paint.  I haven't done one thing to it (it's all white) since buying the house so I'm pretty excited.  Here are a few photos I'm using for inspiration!  Obviously I have no idea what color I'm using!

I love this idea of using two tones of green.

I've never been an orange person but I'm feelin' it in this bathroom and this one.

I would really like to be brave and bold with blue or turquoise.

Ahhh so nice and relaxing.

July 19, 2012

etsy three of the week - neon

For this weeks etsy post I decided to jump on the neon bandwagon!  To be completely honest, I have yet to buy something neon for my wardrobe (need to put in on my list before the trend passes!) but here are a few neon items I you can see there are more than three :)

this dipped bowl is great

this arrows print poster is awesome

geometric earrings with two of my favorite colors

July 17, 2012

wyatt needs

this tee is absolutely awesome!  wyatt needs it!

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